Ural Carbtune Pro Synchronization Tool w/Case

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Carbtune Pro Synchronization Tool w/Case

Premium Throttle Body Synchronization Tool Set. 

This is the set Ural recommends to dealers and distributors worldwide and use at the Ural Headquarters. 

  • Simple, reliable design with no electronic or liquid parts.
  • Aluminum rods fitted in precisely sized clear polyurethane cylinders indicate pressure differences. 
  • Includes: high quality nitrile hoses with solid state restrictors, adapter fittings, re-usable zip tie for hanging on the handlebars, instructions, and padded black Cordura case. 
  • Works for all carbureted Ural's as well as Gen 2 EFI 2019~2021 model years. 
  • Does not work for 2014~2018 models.

Part No. 81020

*Please carefully follow setup instructions before using!  You must cut and install the restrictors in the hose to get an accurate reading.  Balance the throttle cables at 1600~1800 RPM for best results.

Ural recommend’s pairing this tool with the Throttle Body Synchronization Adapter Set for Gen 2 EFI (Part no. 53232.)